Video Released In Hunter Biden Trial

Day 4 of Hunter Biden’s trial was packed with drama and confusion. Defense attorney Abbe Lowell made headlines by introducing unexpected evidence and causing a stir in the courtroom. Here’s a breakdown of the day’s major events.

1. Lowell Introduces Confusing Texts

Defense attorney Abbe Lowell tried to enter text messages between Hallie Biden and Hunter Biden into evidence, which left the jury and courtroom baffled. The prosecution, led by Leo Wise, complained they only received notice of these texts late the previous night and hadn’t had time to review them. This led to a heated 30-minute session where Judge Noreika grilled the defense team about the origins and relevance of the texts. Despite the chaos, Lowell aimed to cast doubt on Hunter’s alleged crack addiction in October 2018.

2. Hallie Biden Recounts Finding the Gun

Hallie Biden gave a detailed account of finding a Colt Cobra revolver, a speedloader, and bullets in Hunter’s vehicle on October 23, 2018. She panicked and disposed of the weapon, fearing for safety as the car was unlocked with windows down. Jurors watched surveillance videos showing Hallie throwing away the gun and then returning to the grocery store to search for it. Hunter was furious, texting Hallie, “It’s hard to believe anyone is that stupid.”

Hallie testified about Hunter’s crack addiction, describing him as “agitated” and “high-strung” yet functional on the drug. She admitted to using crack herself during this period. However, during cross-examination, she stated that for most of October 2018, she did not see Hunter abusing drugs or alcohol, which could weaken the prosecution’s argument that Hunter was using drugs when he bought the gun on October 12.

4. Witnesses Talk About The Gun’s Recovery

Former Delaware State Police Lieutenant Millard Greer detailed the recovery of the discarded gun. He tracked down the weapon to Edward Banner, a man known to rummage through trash. Banner corroborated Greer’s story, testifying that he found the gun in a trash can, stored it at home, and eventually handed it over to Greer.

Prosecutors announced they have two remaining witnesses and intend to rest their case on Friday morning. The defense plans to call two or three witnesses, potentially including James Biden and Naomi Biden. It remains uncertain if Hunter Biden will testify in his own defense.