‘Wake Up!’ Wray Issues Daunting Warning During Hearing

FBI Director Christopher Wray expressed concerns about the potential for foreign terrorist organizations to direct attacks in the United States. He emphasized that while there is no evidence of such attacks occurring, multiple terrorist groups have been calling for attacks, creating a heightened sense of danger. Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) raised questions about the FBI’s ability to track and prevent terrorist threats within the U.S.

Director Wray acknowledged the challenges posed by the unknown and unpredictable nature of potential threats, stating, “The people that we know about, ‘the known known,’ we’re quite good at tracking, together with our partners. But it is ‘the unknown unknown’ that I worry about quite a bit.” This remark underscores the difficulties in identifying threats that have not yet come to the attention of law enforcement agencies.

Sen. Scott further inquired whether the FBI is aware of any terrorist organizations currently operating within the United States. In response, Director Wray admitted that they are not actively tracking such information. He pointed out the existence of intelligence gaps, expressing concerns about the limitations in their ability to monitor potential domestic threats.

Wray’s comments have raised concerns about the FBI’s capability to address terrorist threats comprehensively. However, he stressed that it is not a time for panic but rather for vigilance. He encouraged Americans to continue with their daily lives, attending schools and places of worship, while remaining vigilant and reporting anything suspicious. The phrase “if you see something, say something” was highlighted as a critical tool for citizens to contribute to national security.

Wray also noted that the American people have been increasingly reporting tips and leads to the FBI, which the agency is actively pursuing. This collaborative effort aims to enhance national security and mitigate potential threats.