WaPo Columnist Hails Anti-Jew Terrorism Saying It’s Exactly What ‘Decolonization’ Means

The Washington Post columnist Karen Attiah has been widely condemned for celebrating anti-Jew terrorism as exactly what “decolonization” means. Attiah, a prominent journalist, echoed a social media post by a fringe Somali that said, “what did y’all think decolonization meant? vibes? papers? essays? losers.”

The X post maintained that those on the Left who use terms like “decolonization” but don’t support the terrorism of Hamas are hypocrites, and that that is exactly what the leftist academics are pushing for with that language.

Attiah reposted someone else elaborating on that same thought: “All my American education taught was that all we have to do to fight brutal, racist oppression is schedule a single die-in or refuse to give up a single seat on a bus and justice automatically prevails through non-violence.”

Attiah justified terrorism writing, “We are forced to see state violence as justified + moral, while violence by non-state actors isn’t. This is changing.”

She reposted someone else saying, “I suspect that what we have instead are mostly people who believe that violence is only the legitimate province of some people, and what is morally required of everyone else is submission.”

Attiah boasted that she is the real deal, not someone who uses the terms as vague platitudes. “I studied race construction, human rights and global anti-colonial resistance in college and grad school,” she wrote. “Honey, we did the scholarship way before it was ‘cool.’”

She reposted on X: “Liberation, self-determination, and peace for all oppressed + colonized people. That’s my politics.”

She retweeted: “While it may not seem like it, public opinion has shifted on the Palestinian plight. For example, comments that once got Marc Lamont Hill fired are now openly debated as Israel implements apartheid state. It has been astonishing to watch the movement gain ground.”

She reposted someone saying that others in the media side with “oppressors” and “murderers,” seemingly referring to Jews.

“I also see the ways our industry embraces the elevation of oppressors, murderers, thieves and political manipulators, and expects the oppressed to share the same space,” the post said.