War Hero GOP Candidate Posed To Flip House Seat Private Residence Gets Attacked By Antifa

Before the 2018 mid-terms the Pennsylvania Supreme Court decided to take amongst themselves and redraw voting districts, the left-leaning court swayed votes in favor of Democrats.

Those lines led to Democrat Connor Lamb being elected helping Nancy Pelosi take over the House.

A native of Western Pennsylvania, war hero Sean Parnell was begged by CNN’s Jake Tapper not to run against Lamb and pick another district. Parnell refused to be influenced and is crushing Lamb in the polls. Less than 72 hours before election day Parnell’s home gets attacked by members of Antifa.

On his garage door, the words “elections no revolution yes!” and other communist symbols were spray-painted in red.

In a very eloquent response to the attack on his home, Parnell said, “My house was vandalized last night by cowards under the cover of darkness. This is what is at stake in this election. We all must fight for our country and we must do it NOW. I will not cower. I will not back down. I will always fight for this nation.”

Parnell recently joined President Trump at the record-breaking rally in Butler, Pennsylvania.

Parnell also has a great sense of humor…