War On Christianity: California Is Retaliating Against Churches & Parishioners That Sued Them

Governor Newsom is retaliating against churches that sued him in an attempt to re-open.

A Catholic church in Los Angeles County has reported that local government health officials were sent to the church to harass their priest for suing Governor Newsom and other state officials.

Our Lady of the Angels Church in Arcadia, California, stated on October 15, two official watched 11 churchgoers leave the church and then cited them for holding indoor worship services during the COVID-19 pandemic. The citation includes a $1,000 fine.

In September, Father Trevor Burfitt, who oversees the church filed a lawsuit against Newsom and 19 other state officials claiming that the extended lockdown is violating his rights under the California constitution.

Attorney, Paul Jonna, who is representing the church said what is happening is “a clear case of retaliation” for Burfitt’s lawsuit.

Another incident also took place on October 20th, “They sent county inspectors over to the church a few times and attempted to eject two women praying in a 500-capacity church, basically alone in the church—just praying, worshiping God and [they] were threatened with citations for being inside the church,” said Jonna.

“We think these orders have been unconstitutional from the beginning,” Jonna continued. Speaking more broadly, he said, “It’s clear that the executive branches of these Democrat-run states, they’re using this as a massive power grab. And the tyranny is just shocking to most Americans who understand how our country was founded and designed to have three separate branches of government. We’re seeing these states being controlled and governed by one branch. The legislatures are not really providing input and the courts are just sitting by.”

Pastor of Grace Community Church, John MacArthur, has also been harassed in court with citations and contempt proceedings. Jonna said that the state seems to be trying to make an example of him.

Jonna also reported that the same officials targeting churches are participating and supporting the BLM/Antifa riots.

“It’s a complete double-standard, it’s clearly unconstitutional, and we’re fairly confident that we’re going to get a good result in this case, given the facts that we have today,” Jonna added.