Washington Post Goes Full Throated Commie, ‘No More Equal Weight’ To Conservatives

Writer for the Washington Post, Sarah Ellison has gone full-throated Stalin and wants conservative media abolished.

“The disinformation system that Trump unleashed will outlast him. Here’s what reality-based journalists must do about it. … No more pussy-foooting or punch-pulling. No more …. giving equal weight to truth and lies in the name of fairness,” wrote Ellison.

According to Ellison, right-wing news agencies are no longer viable and the only truth comes from the mainstream media.

Here’s what Ellison is afraid of, her form of medium is dying. People aren’t reading the Washington Post or the New York Times anymore. Americans are finding other ways to get the news. AT&T is putting CNN up for sale, and Zucker is getting ready to move on.

In an effort to keep the small audience they have writers are kowtowing to their readers, Ellison is the propagandist she claims the right-wing media is.

Liberals that have infected tech platforms are on a mission to wipe the internet clean of conservative thought an equivalent to 21st-century book burning.

Podcast powerhouse Dana Loesch has recently been targeted.

What’s really going on is that liberals are realizing just how powerful the MAGA movement is. Pelosi only has a five-seat majority in the new Congress. President Trump and down-ballot Republican candidates received historic support from minority voters.

Liberals are losing, it’s why they are so angry even after they claim to have won the Presidential election.

Americans may support reforming Police procedures but they hate “Defund the Police.” They hate the idea of court-packing, they don’t want the “Green New Deal” and reject people like AOC.

So according to Ellison (and her WOKE friends), those that offer a counter-message are liars and should be censored.