Watch: A Frustrated Biden Starts Yelling At Crowd To Get Support, ‘It’s A Tax…

It’s almost as if Biden is trying to convince himself that his Build, Back, Better Bill is going to cost zero dollars.

Biden was in Kearny, New Jersey trying to rally support for his Build, Back, Better Bill when he started to whisper and yell at the crowd. After he finished yelling there was an uncomfortable moment of silence before one person began loudly clapping prompting the rest of the audience to join in.

The out burst may have been a little too much for him because by the end of the speech he was ready to drop.

Biden also told a really strange joke, that didn’t make any sense. Independent journalist Tim Pool joked that Biden was actually a robot sending coded messages.

Biden has been showing his frustration last week he got so angry the president smacked the podium.

President Biden: “We have fewer Democracies in the world today than we did 15 years ago. Fewer. Not more, fewer.”

Then, we also had the return of creepy Joe Biden after a video showed he was stroking a kids head talking about his corvette.

Things got even creepier…

Biden also took some time to teach kids how to be a coward and how to run from adversity.

Kamala isn’t doing much better, below is a video of her laughing about disabled people.