Watch: America! Hundreds Boys And Babes With Boats Gather And Support The President

Just remember folks one man can make a difference!

Carlos Gavidia survived the Coronavirus and wanted to thank President Trump so he put together a boat parade that ended up having a massive turnout.

Gavidia also received a complaint from his neighbor for having a Trump 2020 flag on his boat. The homeowners association asked if he would take it down and he complied. He then decided to have his boat wrapped to look exactly like the Trump flag!

“What an amazing turn out!!!” he wrote. “Thank you for everyone who came out today by land and by sea!!”

Palm Beach Drone Pros released footage from the event on YouTube (see top of page).

Trump supporters posted videos on Facebook of helicopter footage of the day together with a dramatic soundtrack.

Mark Ambert wrote:

This was as close to spontaneous as it gets — one Facebook post and one individual wanting to show support. This parade of boats went on for literally hours. It is something I will never forget — It brought chills and such an upwelling of pride! Watch the full six minute video to get some idea of the magnitude. You’ll see boats of every shape and size! I’m sure the fake news won’t cover it but our President was aware it was occurring and sent his love and support to the American people and the great state of Florida. 

Boaters went on social media and showed their support for President Trump.

You’ll never see a crowd like this for Biden. Just watch the video below…

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