Watch: Antifa Sends Biden A Clear Message After Attack On Democrat HQ

This is what a Joe Biden America will look like if President Trump isn’t victorious in the courts.

Antifa just sent Biden and his supporters a crystal clear message, they aren’t an “idea” and they aren’t going to stop.

Antifa attacked the Multnomah County Democrats building in Northeast Portland during a planned riot. To make sure Biden got the message they spray-painted anarchist messages on the exterior of the building.

During the protest, windows were smashed out.

Oh and don’t think if you are a liberal you are safe, watches the man below begs protestors to leave him alone. “There’s my Biden sign. Don’t destroy anything,” he says.

Pay attention white liberal woman, BLM is coming for you.

Here’s BLM kicking out white liberals celebrating the press calling the Presidential race in favor of Joe Biden. The new rally cry is “F**K Biden! F**k Trump! No more presidents! No more fascists!” You’ll hear the man on the bullhorn tell white liberals they are “are a bunch of f**king fools,” they need to leave because they have “colonized this space” and they won’t stand for it.