Watch: Antifa Tries To Attack A Police Car In Florida And Then They Got A Cold Dose Of Reality…This Isn’t Seattle!

Some Antifa thugs thought it would be fun to attack a police car as a group of police officers moved in to arrest protestors vandalizing statues and property. As the police moved in agitators embedded inside the peaceful protest used skateboards to smash an occupied police car.

The media will tell you the protest was peaceful but as you watch this video you’ll see it tells a completely different story. The peaceful protest turned into a brawl as protestors tried to surround and attack the police car.

What you’ll see is a man jump on the police car while others try to keep it from moving. Another man runs up and hits the windshield with a skateboard, which broke glass inside the vehicle hitting the officer. Miami Police then decide they’ve had enough and storm out of the car and go after those that attacked the vehicle. As police are trying to make arrests they are struck with skateboards then more officers arrive. You’ll also notice the little Antifa punks trying to get their cheap shots in while different officers are distracted but not one of them wanted anything to do with that first officer that came out of that car. 

Image of the Police Car In the Video After It Was Struck By Protestors

Just A Warning There is Strong Language Used By The Protestors Filming If You Do Not Wish To Listen With The Sound On Just Click The Sound Symbol.

A message to those hunkered down in CHAZ you should probably stay there, I’m not sure that nonsense you got going on is going to work in Miami.

It’s not just in Miami where the Police are tired of Antifa’s games, in North Carolina police tore down an Autonomous zone Antifa was trying to set up. Asheville Police descended in force and tore the zone down.