Watch: Antifa’s ‘March of Terror’ Shows They Are Coming For Liberals

Liberals are about to get a dose of reality even if President Trump loses his bid to be re-elected. Antifa has already switched gears and are attacking liberals.

The night of the election there was not a lot of violence however, in Portland and in other places around the country Wednesday night turned into the “March of Terror.”

Liberal and Trump supporters, James Lindsey, who is fighting the woke movement posted a video showing liberals that Antifa doesn’t discriminate between conservatives and liberals.

In the video taken by Kitty Shackleford, the crowd is chanting “No USA at all” and they are marching with a sign that reads, “Death to fascist and the liberalism that enables it.”

On the same night in Portland, law enforcement recovered an IED and multiple weapons.

Oh, and get this, now that the election is over, for the first time the National Guard was activated in Portland.

It was total chaos in Portland.

This was the scene in New York City.

How could we forget Seattle…