Watch: AOC’s Latest Tirades Shows Dems Are Losing & She’s Not Taking It Well

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is at it again on social media.

In the last few days, AOC has been posting live videos and it shows that she is not taking losing the culture war well at all.

Two minutes of an AOC tirade was posted on social media as the congresswoman said that white supremacists commit the majority of “domestic terrorism by far.”

“Look at the numbers,” she added.

In the two-minute rant, AOC makes all kinds of claims but not once offers any evidence to back them up.

AOC has been ranting a lot on social media and it shows that she is struggling with the fact that Americans are rejecting her candidates.

The statement below is flat-out misinformation.

AOC decided that it was ok to mock Christians and people with religious morals.

I know social media can be a curse but these videos really show how unraveled far-leftists really are.

It might be time for AOC to do another “de-stress” video.

In February 2022, AOC posted a video of her doing a “de-stress” method.

AOC wrote, “Ok so no lie I have been very very stressed out lately and today I found myself staying in a stressful mental pattern that was just creating more stress for myself. I wanted to interrupt that.”

“Riley and I read previously that dunking your face in a bowl of ice water can be a way of redirecting by forcing your body to top a kind of reset of your parasympathetic nervous system, so I’m going to try it,” she added

She then dunked her face into the water and said it was cold.