Watch: Armed World Economic Police Force Harasses Conservative Journalist

Human Events editor Jack Posobiec is a thorn in the side of the left and his scoops are usually a month ahead of the news cycle.

Posobiec was instrumental in sounding the alarm on Biden’s ministry of truth and has been working hard to expose a WHO treaty that is being designed at the Davos WEF conference.

The conference is working on a treaty that would allow the World Health Organization to lockdown a country during an international pandemic event overriding their sovereignty. Posobiec is at Davos to expose the treaty, the WEF, and the nations involved.

Posobiec and his staff were detained for almost an hour by a World Economic Forum police officer (yes that is a thing look at their patches) armed with MP5s.

Several times police demanded that Posobiec and his crew stop filming them but they refused. The authorities wouldn’t give the conservative journalist a reason for them being detained but after an hour of harassment left.

According to Posobiec, the World Health Economic Police harassed them because they were part of Turning Point and explains that the police attempted to delete the footage their team already collected.

Another journalist on the scene began to question the police which got them to start to back off.

Here’s another angle of the video above.

Below are still images showing the patches on the officer’s uniforms, you’ll notice they say World Economic Forum Police.