Joe Biden Says This Is Just An ‘Idea’: Watch As Portland BLM Activists Celebrate Rioting & Looting

During the first Presidential debate, Joe Biden claimed that Antifa is not a group but an “idea.” Besides the far left Americans probably laughed at him, since the end of May we’ve watched Antifa and BLM activists tear this country apart.

During a protest in downtown Portland, a BLM rapper gives a concert celebrating rioting and looting. the name of his song is “Making A Change.”

Biden and the far-left want you to think Antifa doesn’t exist. One month before the George Floyd riots independent journalist Lara Logan – the reporter brutally rapped in Egypt – aired a report on Fox Nation about Antifa and what was going on in Portland.

According to Joe Biden, this is just an idea.

Antifa practicing their tactics against police is just an idea to. You’ll see in the video below Portland police blow through an Antifa shield wall, later they met to practice.

Also, pay no attention to the U-haul truck that pulled up and handed out shields to protestors in Louisville after the Brenna Taylor grand jury announcement.