Watch: Biden Abandons The Far-Left But, Someone Needs To Tell Him A Museum Is A ‘Public Place’

Biden finally left the bunker and gave his first press conference in 90 days and most of it was filled with the regularly anti-Trump one-liners. However, during the press conference, he did abandon the radical left.

During the press conference, Biden was asked about radicals that tearing down statues, in his answer, he abandoned the far left claiming that the statues shouldn’t be torn down but removed from public places and put in a museum.

Biden said, “There’s a difference between monuments to treasonous pro-slavery Confederates, celebrating that role, and monuments to slaveowners like Washington, Jefferson; Confederate monuments should go in museums, not public places, while Jefferson Memorial etc. should be protected.”

So who’s going to tell Biden museums are a public place?

It was clear though, he just dropped the radicals like a hot rock…

For the most part, Biden’s press conference was a shame, he was calling on pre-selected reporters using a list given to him by his staff, the first two questions were:

  1. How should Trump be punished?
  2.  Where do you think the race stands?

He wasn’t asked…

Not one reporter brought up Obamagate either…

Biden did commit to three debates and said he could “hardly wait.”