Watch: Biden Admin Confirms Masks 4ever! Even After Vaccinated

Press Secretary Jen Psaki has confirmed that the Biden administration is still going to require social distancing and the wearing of masks even after people have been vaccinated.

Many have thought that the whole point of getting vaccinated was so we didn’t need to wear masks or follow social distancing guidelines. Some are wondering what is the “science” behind wearing masks after a population has reach herd immunity via those who have already been infected by the virus and those got received the vaccine.

People are also starting to question the science behind the CDC requesting that those who have been infected with the coronavirus need to be vaccinated because there is these amazing things called antibodies.

There is a somewhat logical explication over their reason however, even that is just as embarrassing to the CDC. Thanks to a report from the New York Times (buried in the local section) published last summer and updates from the World Health Organization it has been discovered that in the USA the metric used to determine if someone has tested positive for the coronavirus has been inflated. They New York Times that in New York and Massachusetts their total cases could be inflated by up to 50%.

In their quest to beef up the case number they screwed themselves in trying to get people vaccinated and now they look like fools.

Frankly, they are attacking the State of Florida because they have done a better job at migrating the virus better than their buddies who are left wing governors.