Watch: Ouch! Biden Gets A Rude Awakening In Attempt To Slam Trump…He Didn’t See That One Coming

This was supposed to be former Vice President Joe Biden’s week, he was going to show the country he can be president and put President Trump in his place. He was going to conduct shadow briefings to show how incompetent President Trump is. Well, that’s not going so well and on Wednesday he got a rude awakening.

Biden tried to slam President Trump and said, “The president’s numbers with the public have gone up in handling this crisis, but they haven’t gone up in terms of his presidency.”

Followed by cringe-worthy awkward silence the reporter said, “Actually, his job approval is also up.”

He didn’t see that one coming.

In another odd turn of events Biden revealed he’s talking with foreign leaders, isn’t that what Democrats were outraged about during the 2016 campaign?

This week has not gone well for Biden as he tries to show America he can be President.

This is just this week.

Meanwhile here’s a real President in action!