Watch: Biden Gets Really Weird Again During Prepared Remarks, ‘I’m Supposed To Stop And…

Biden went off script again and things got really weird during prepared remarks honoring union members.

The president starting to do the weird whispering again.

Then he once again he admitted his handlers are keeping a tight leash on him.

Lately, even when Joe is reading prepared remarks he continues to make serious gaffes.

“Looks like a tornado — they don’t call them that anymore — that hit the crops and wetlands in the middle of the country,” Biden said. “In Iowa, in Nevada, in —it’s just across the board.”

(Apologize for the sound quality Biden is mumbling you may need to turn up the volume)


Biden is leading the Democrats into midterm hell as weel. Polls in purple districts are showing Americans are dumping the Democrats.

In Iowa Democrat Cindy Axne is trailing a generic Republican opponent by nine percent!

Republican Party of Iowa Communications Director Kollin Crompton said:

Axne has followed her marching orders from Nancy Pelosi, and now she is paying the price. Iowans are tired of the socialist spending spree they see in Washington – and they know Axne won’t stop lighting our taxpayer dollars on fire until she is voted out.

The deep purple district shows that Biden is polling at a 43% approval rating and are wary of his economic spending plans. Biden doesn’t realize but Americans are waking up to the massive influx of inflation that has rocked the country this year. Many wish to return to the Trump economy that was the best in our nations history.

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