Watch: Biden Is Already Getting Bullied By The Far Left, AOC Amps Up The Pressure

Remember when President Trump said that if Joe Biden is PResident The far-left is going to bully him? Well, it’s already happening.

During the final Presidential debate, Biden really messed up. He first challenged President Trump to find a video of him claiming he would ban fracking. Just a few minutes later President Trump got him to admit he would end the oil and gas industry.

Ever since then, Biden has been in damage control claiming he didn’t mean what he said during the debate.

CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez how she felt about Biden flip-flopping on banning fracking.

“It does not bother me,” AOC said. “I have a very strong position on fracking … It will be a privilege to lobby him should we win the White House, but we need to focus on winning the White House first.”

Next, Tapper basically asked AOC when is she going to pressure Biden to get on board with the radical left. She said plainly answered after he wins the White House.

I don’t think Biden is fooling anyone and that’s why he flip-flopped.

On Sunday, Joe Biden went back into hiding.