Watch: Biden Just Backed Himself Into A Corner, His Speech Went Upside Down Before He Finished Speaking

President Biden’s administration is floundering after they ignored warnings about inflation in 2021. The situation is now out of control, prices continue to rise marching pushing Americans’ personal finances to a breaking point.

You know it’s bad when a CNN “fact-checker” rips the Biden administration for lying.

On May 10, 2022, Biden addressed the nation about inflation, and instead of coming up with a plan, he attacked Republicans.

Once the primaries finish up these clips of Biden are going to be on repeat and it is going to crush the Democrat party.

What are Democrat candidates going to say? We need to invest in green energy? We are and it’s crushing our economy.

The president used his time to make the debunked claim Republicans want to raise taxes.

After telling America during the 2020 election that he would accept responsibility when he makes mistakes Biden said that he thinks “our policies have helped” the US economy “not hurt.”

Meanwhile, this is what parents are facing who are looking for baby formula…

Biden didn’t like the fact that Republican Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) told him to resign.

Biden is putting himself in a corner the more he goes out and tries to blame inflation on others.

Joe has said fixing inflation is his top priority but Americans have already seen Joe in action. Remember when he said he was going to “fix” gas prices?