Watch: Biden Just Handed The GOP A Midterm Commercial They Could Have Only Dreamed Of, ‘It’s Simply Not True That…

The clip should be run from now until election day.

After Biden realized he couldn’t kill a bipartisan bill sanctioning Russian oil he made a national address trying to credit for it. Then Biden claimed that his policies are not “holding back domestic energy production.”

“It’s simply not true that my administration or policies are holding back domestic energy production,” Biden said.

Gas prices were rising well before Putin invaded Ukraine and Biden officials were literally laughing about it.

In November 2021, Energy Secretary Jennifer Grineholm laughed about increasing domestic oil production as gas was climbing to $3.00 a gallon.

Never forget…


All the GOP needs to do is run those clips every day from now until November. However, they may not need to because Americans are furious over fuel costs and are getting a reminder every time they drive past a gas station.

Biden also claimed that he would do everything he can to “minimize Putin’s price hike here at home.” Which is so dishonest, two days before Putin invaded Ukraine Biden paused all oil and gas leases.

Instead of unleashing the power of the free market and increasing the security of America Biden is running the country into the ground.