Watch: Biden Looks Like A Deer In Headlights Then Chaos Erupts

President Biden went to Brussels and nobody seems to know why he was there. Then Biden humiliated the country further when he lost control of the press conference.

Biden’s aides were keeping a tight leash on him and he was forbiddeed to talk to the press.

When a reporter tried to talk with him aides flipped out.

Only when Biden was allowed he answered questions from the media but only after he was given a list of who to call on.

Biden didn’t take many questions nor did he explain the purpose of his trip. However, he did completely contradict himself.

The president also tried to sneak around the fact that he gave China intelligence that they then forwarded to Russia.

As the president tried to end the press conference he lost control and seem to just stand there like a deer in headlights. After he composed himself Biden tried to quiet the press shouting, “whoa, whoa, whoa!”

Biden’s claims were so audacious that even NBC News called him out.

Including MSNBC: