Watch: Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki Gets Called Out After She Tries To Take Credit For Vaccine Deal

It was another embarrassing day for the Biden Administration after they tried to take credit for a vaccine deal negotiated by President Trump. 

During a press briefing White House press secretary Jen Psaki tried to give Biden the credit for brokering a deal with Johnson & Johnson. 

Psaki said that the effort to get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine approved and distributed was a “across the administration effort” and that the “U.S. government will facilitate this partnership in several key ways, including invoking the Defense Production Act to equip two Merck facilities to the standards necessary to safety manufacture the vaccine and asking the Department of Defense to provide daily logistical support to strengthen Johnson & Johnson’s efforts.”

In a random act of journalism, New York Times White House correspondent Michael Shear reminded Psaki that it was the Trump administration that originally brokered the deal with Johnson and Johnson. Shear then asked Psaki to explain why the Biden administration should get credit. 

“On the timing of the administration’s efforts to help pull this deal together, you said that it was within, I think the last few weeks, is that what you had said? We wrote our first story at the New York Times about a possible partnership between Merck and J&J for manufacturing on January 21st, that was when it published. So, in my understanding is that talks between those companies had been in the works before that even in terms of sort of the corporate discussions between them. So could you help explain how it is that the Biden administration deserves credit for bringing these two together when it looks like the discussions had been underway long before you guys got here,” Shear asked. 

Psaki got very defensive and said, “Well Mike, just to be clear, I’m talking about when it was finalized so that we could move it forward. Of course, there are conversations between companies but in terms of getting it to a point, and obviously, the Johnson and Johnson vaccine was only approved last weekend, right? And we were waiting on the FDA to make the final approvals of the vaccine. But there’s a difference between conversations and it moving forward.”

These are silly liberal word games, if it wasn’t for President Trump there would be no vaccine. Most of Biden’s COVID “experts” including Dr. Fauci said getting a vaccine any time soon wouldn’t be possible. Liberals scoffed and poked fun at President Trump claiming a vaccine wouldn’t be possible and now they want to take credit for it.