Watch: Biden Takes Gas-Lighting to Next Level with Soviet Style Propaganda

This kind of head-spinning propaganda is usually reserved for Russia or maybe North Korea. But now we are getting mind-boggling rhetoric coming from our own president. 

We are going to see another devastating economic report in a matter of days. It will like to portray a second-string quarter with negative GDP growth. This is the very definition of what a recession is.

But not according to the White House. They are redefining the term so that two straight quarters of negative growth no longer apply. 

But this has been the definition of recession for decades. It’s what we learn in our business classes. 

Well, apparently Joe Biden’s economy is “different.” He is holding the game pieces, so he has just decided to change the rules. 

On Monday of this week, he flat out said that there won’t be a recession. That should be enough to insult the intelligence of every citizen in America, but Biden wasn’t done.

He took the gas-lighting to the next level, asserting that we are currently in a period of “rapid growth.” Wait, what?

Here’s how it works for Biden…Six full months of negative GDP equals rapid growth…don’t you see it?

Is this senility or outright dishonesty?

Then, as though it were good news, Biden said that we will move to even slower growth from here on out…that is negative growth to even slower non-growth. 

So everybody ought to elect the president’s party in November.

There is no way that this is going to work on the American public, is it? No amount of bait and switch will stop the pain that we all feel in our wallets and standing at the pump.

Biden can keep smiling and keep pretending and keep redefining, but he can’t keep us believing. 

The redefining administration needs to be redirected back to Delaware.