Watch: Biden Staged ‘Victory Lap’ Stunt Turns Into A Goofy Sham

Biden is trying to revive his presidency after passing his infrastructure bill however, (as usual) he keeps making things worse.

After holding a ceremony for his infrastructure bill Biden headed off to New Hampshire to show off his accomplishment. It was a staged scene and it looked and sounded ridiculous.

The moment was supposed to be dramatic, Biden standing in a line with his cohorts, a large American flag was in the background. The camera shot was tight and as they walked together in unison. As the group moved forward the camera slowly zooms out capturing the “epic” scene. Then there was the “applause” or the lack thereof.

The whole thing was a goofy sham, just watch for yourself…

At one point Joe couldn’t decide if he was going to yell or whisper.

The speech was another classic Biden gaffe ridden stutter mess.

Biden also claimed that the infrastructure bill is going to be the “the moment we won the competition for the 21st century.”

The only thing Biden is going to be remembered for 50 years from now is that he spent the country into oblivion and made Jimmy Carter look good.

The members of the Brandon administration and their surrogates are so out of touch it’s not even funny.