Watch Biden Wanders Off & Aides Push Reporters Out After He’s Peppered With Questions About Border Crisis

Biden was visiting some local businesses in the DC area and members of the press were present. After a short exchange with the business owner members of the White House press began to pepper Biden with questions over the crisis at the border.

Aides sprung into action to get the press out of the room refusing to allow Biden to answer any questions.

Another thing many pointed out was that Biden was ignoring “science.” The man has been vaccinated for months and notice he’s double masking. Maybe that’s why he couldn’t answer any questions because he couldn’t breath.

Chris Houck from Newsbusters pointed out that double masking and staying locked in your home is “serious idol worship of government.”

We are all old enough to remember last summer when CDC Director Robert Redfield insisted that the country could get the virus “under control” if we just wore masks for the next 4-8 weeks.

It was another failed forecast, so i guess if one mask doesn’t work then you should wear two (sarcasm).

What we are seeing from Biden reminds me of a post from a gym bro last spring, who so far has nailed his predictions.