Watch – Biden’s Cognitive Well-Being Even Questioned by N.Y. Times

It’s not just those on the right who are commenting on President Biden’s cognitive issues, it’s happening in the mainstream media now as well.
Even the New York Times is now magnifying the issue and pointing out how the White House is trying to deal with the situation.
They are talking about giving Biden more “rest” in Delaware because of the rigors of a 10-day international trip. They are also cutting off the press from seeing unscripted moments with the president.
Biden’s approval numbers continue to tank and other Democrats seem to be running away from him. This has given the media some license to talk about his incoherence. He had this issue before coming into office, but the media kept silent about it because it would have hurt the cause of the left.
Some indicated that almost two-thirds of the Democratic Party don’t want to see Joe run for another term, and the media may be getting the public ready to vote another way.
It’s getting harder and harder to hide Biden’s gaffes, they seem to be happening every day. The staff around the president are constantly rushing the media out of the room.
This week, Biden announced the first color picture showing the universe from the James Webb telescope.
After showing the picture of far-away galaxies to the media, Biden asked, “I wonder what the press is like in those other places.” He smirked as he had just made a funny, but no one laughed.

His staff quickly ushered the press out of the room…again.
It seems telling that at such a non-threatening event like celebrating this amazing color picture, Biden’s mind was on the press. And it is also telling that his staff did not want to give the media an inch to ask about his well-being or possibly his son’s laptop.