Watch: Biden’s Wartime Speech Had the Intensity Without the Eloquence of Churchill

It had the intensity without the eloquence of a Winston Churchill speech lashing out at the evils of Hitler during the Second World War. Eugene Robinson, from the Washington Post, told MSNBC that Biden’s address to the nation from Independence Hall in Philadelphia was a “wartime” speech.

President Biden said that former President Donald Trump and his “MAGA Republicans” (that’s all the people that voted for him), embrace anger. Biden said that these citizens “thrive on chaos,” and they don’t live in the “light of truth, but in the shadow of lies.”

It’s not Churchill, but it’s intense. 

And then Biden said that these voters “represent an extremism that threatens the very foundation of our Republic…”

That sounds like a president who needs to rally the American armed forces and send out the battle cry.

Eugene Robinson said, “The speech last night, to me, sounded like a president delivering a wartime address. Indeed, Joe Biden sees this as, as he said, a battle for the soul of the country. It is a battle for the preservation of our democracy. To me, the significant thing was that he — yes, he called out Donald Trump, but he also called out the MAGA Republicans, the MAGA Republican officials and followers who, for whatever motive, every whatever delusion, are going down this authoritarian path, this undemocratic path, and trying to take the nation with them.” 

He went further saying that the president framed the speech as an emergency and the nation has to “come together” to stop this movement. 

Yes, he did call for the nation to “come together” after alienating 70 million voters. 

Here is what we should be asking ourselves after that speech. What is the Biden Administration willing to do if they believe we are in a war? What actions will they take to defeat their “enemy?”