Watch: Biden’s White House Gets Rocked During Press Conference After Images At Border Facility For Minors Are Leaked

The White House was in defensive mode during their daily press conference after photos went viral of the horrific conditions of Biden’s Immigration facilities for minors.

Below are the images leaked to the press. It was reported by Axios that over the weekend each “pod” contained up to 400 detained migrants that are minors.

Media “fact checkers” are trying to give Biden’s crisis cover however even they are having trouble altering the narrative.

The Administration floundered when asked about how they are containing the spread of the virus among detainees.

That is actually a lie, in February Psaki said during a press conference that they were doing away with coronavirus protocols due to the surge at the border.

“We had to expand and open additional facilities because there was not enough space in the existing facilities if we were to abide by COVID protocols,” Psaki said during a late February press briefing.

Psaki still refused to call the situation at our southern border a crisis.

Psaki also had no explanation for why PA Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine was appointed to the HHS after she was implicated in the PA nursing home scandal.