Watch: Brian Stelter Might Be The Dumbest Person On TV, He Catches A Case Of The Joe Biden’s

CNN host Brian Stelter just might be the dumbest person on television. He is a company man and always touts the talking points order by his bosses. However, during a recent segment he was as gaffe prone as Joe Biden.

As Stelter tries to explain to his audience why CNN host Chris Cuomo was fired the news anchor was all over the place.

Stelter could barely keep track of a five day timeline and a few material events duing his six minute rant. The CNN host started to mutter and was constantly tripping over his words.

FYI it is a long clip. 

In another segment on the network Stelter told Jim Acosta that Cuomo’s firing was “a big surprise for a lot of people. I didn’t expect to be on with you this evening talking about this breaking news.”

Acosta wondered: “Do we know when this new information might be brought out to the public and will have a sense as to what this additional information was?”

“I don’t know actually if it ever will,” Stelter admitted. “I think that’s very much unclear. Certainly in the years I’ve spent covering media, we know companies try to keep these things as private as possible.”

Then Stelter next segment claimed that the press is treating Biden worse than they treated Trump.