Watch: CDC Head Can’t Explain The Scientific Basis For Biden Vaccine Goal

So much for “science.”

CDC Head Walensky was clueless when asked about the scientific basis for Biden’s 70 percent vaccination.

During an apperance on CBS This Morning it sounded more like the Administration pulled the number out of thin air.

As the Biden Administration continues to try and create panic reality is setting in that the pandemic is coming to an end. Axios news announced that “America’s case counts are now so low, and the virus is so well contained, that this is our final weekly map.”

Currently the US has averaged roughly 16,500 new cases a day which is a 30% decrease from the previous week. Between past infections and the vaccine it would appear that the US has reached herd immunity against the virus. Axios estimated that about 10% of the US population tested positive for COVID-19.

At the same time the sky is falling around Dr. Anthony Fauci after his work emails went public showing he was a source of misinformation.

Meanwhile, there are large numbers of leftists that plan on wearing their masks forever and their reasons sound more like mental health issues than about public health.

“I am one of those people that cannot lie or get away with anything,” Jaz Johnson, 46, from Kansas City, Missouri who works in information technology, said. “It’s been pretty fun now that no one really knows, necessarily, what I’m thinking.”

“It’s exhausting having to put on this smiling, very calm, brave face,” said Cassidy, 35, of Lake Tahoe, Nevada, who asked to be identified by first name only for privacy.

A Navy veteran, Cassidy has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and said masks feel like a “shield” that prevent uncomfortable interactions while running errands: “I can absorb the environment in a much more controlled manner without having to think about what my face is doing, and having to think about someone seeing my face.”

The decision to continue to wear masks also seems to have all the ingredients of left wing snobbery/virtue signaling.

Felipe, 32, from Florida who works in business administration said, “I’m not saying it should be a law or a requirement. It’s an altruistic thought: Taking care of our neighbors, your community, your family. You can take one little step that’s not really that big of an inconvenience to help them out.”

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