Watch: Chaos Erupts At White House Meeting As Reporters Push Joe For Answers, ‘He Said No! LET’S GO!’

The White House is feeling the heat and even the press is pushing for Joe to do something about skyrocketing gas prices.

Joe’s talking points about the sanctions he imposed are being exposed for the joke that they are.

However, the Administration can’t sanction Russia where it would hurt because they refuse to increase domestic oil production. If they did sanction Russia’s energy market without ramping up production in the USA gasoline would climb to an estimated $6-$7 a gallon.

It appears that the consensus among Democrats is to pretend that everything is fine and hope everything chills out before November however, that’s not working anymore. The media is starting to pick up that Americans are not happy about fuel costs and it’s only a matter of time before fuel costs raise the price of everything.

The pressure is on and it got so heated that a White House staffer yelled at a reporter asking Biden about sanctions against Russia and oil.

Joe just sat there smiling and watched after he had just made another huge speaking gaffe. During the media appearance, he said that Ukrainians are hiding from missiles being “indiscriminately into RUSSIAN cities.”

To lower gas prices pundits on the left are proposing that America purchase oil from our sworn enemy Iran.

The left appears to be more comfortable purchasing oil from a country that funds terrorism against the USA than getting from our own soil.

America is in crisis and not that Biden actually has to do something he’s falling apart.

But don’t worry after Kamala Harris did such a great job fixing our southern border and stopping the Russian invasion of Ukraine in Munich they are considering sending her to Warsaw to help out (sarcasm).