Watch: CNN Reporter Proudly Brags She Reported Maskless Super Bowl Fans To The Police

CNN correspondent Randi Kaye proudly boasted during an episode of CNN Newsroom that she is double masking and that she called the cops on maskless fans.

During her appearance she complained about the crowd but, assured viewers she was safe because she wore two masks. Before we go any farther let us rewind to the fact that the point of wearing a mask is that if the person wearing the mask is pre or asymptotic they don’t spread the virus to another. The mask – according to “science” – doesn’t stop a maskless person from from transmitting the virus to a person wearing a mask. That was the whole reasoning behind getting everyone to wear a mask in the first place was stop people would didn’t realize they were infected from passing it on.

From the CDC:

You should wear a mask, even if you do not feel sick. This is because several studies have found that people with COVID-19 who never develop symptoms (asymptomatic) and those who are not yet showing symptoms (pre-symptomatic) can still spread the virus to other people. Wearing a mask helps protect those around you, in case you are infected but not showing symptoms.

Just so we are clear – according to “science” – Kaye double masking wasn’t doing a darn thing for her because no one around her was wearing a mask (or at least that’s what the “experts” say).

Anyway, here’s what Kaye said:

Oh, yeah, there‚Äôs a lot of concern here, Fred, hence my double mask that I’m wearing. Here, we’re at the Poorhouse in Tampa, and if you take a look here behind me, you can see there’s a pretty healthy crowd here. They — we are outside and they are doing their best to safely social distance. But there are a lot of people here. Some of them are just hanging out at tables. They’re not all from the same party obviously or are from the same family, which is what officials recommend, but they are outside. But let me show you this video from last night on Super Bowl eve from Ybor City, just take a look at this. This is a huge amount of people, hundreds of people in the street. And you can see most of them are not even wearing masks. We’re also told that they were on the dance floors in a lot of these clubs and the dance floors right now during the pandemic are supposed to actually be closed.

Kaye then declared – because using the police are apparently ok with CNN again – she informed the police to bring maskless violators to justice:

I gave a call to Tampa Police to ask them what’s going on with all these people that are out and about and not wearing masks because there is a mask mandate in the City of Tampa while this pandemic is underway and during this time of the game there. You’re supposed to be wearing a mask if you’re anywhere near Raymond James Stadium, if you’re in a bar or a restaurant or anywhere in one of these event or entertainment areas. And you can see from the pictures and the video that we have that people are just not paying much attention to that mask mandate. They are supposed to be fined up to $500.00. So I asked the Tampa Police, how many citations have been issued? What do you want to say in response to this? What’s being done about it? Because a lot of people are upset about it. And they have not gotten back to me yet.

Keep in mind this is the same CNN correspondent that was concerned that Saddam Hussein execution via hanging was inhumane.

“With such a tight noose, three minutes seems like a very long time to actually cut off somebody’s air,” Kaye said in 2006.

When you watch the video below pay close attention to the background there is daylight, they are outside, and fans are blowing; there appears to be plenty of ventilation.