Watch: CNN’s Chris ‘Fredo’ Cuomo Gets Brutally Taken Down By Trump Spokesman

CNN’s Chris Cuomo thought he was going to steamroll Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh however, things didn’t go according to his plan.

Murtaugh dismantled Cuomo during the second half of his program. When Fredo challenged Murtaugh over the President’s handling of the coronavirus Murtaugh called out hiss brother Chris Cuomo’s decision to send sick old people back into nursing homes.

Murtaugh called Cuomo out for coddling his brother and all the help President Trump sent to New York City during the pandemic.

You’ll notice Cuomo fail at trying to keep his cool but, that comment got the better of him and Cuomo responded, “Go ahead. My brother what? Keep talking about him.”

The spokesman for the Trump campaign then laid into Cuomo over the fact that he broke quarantine after testing positive for the coronavirus and how he has been caught multiple times refusing to wear a mask.

Cuomo lost his cool after Murtaugh called him out over the fake basement emergence video and accused the spokesman of “mocking” the fact he had the coronavirus. Murtaugh hit back telling him that he wasn’t mocking him, he just wanted to know why he holds others to a higher standard than himself.

It was one of the most brutal takedowns of a media personality this year and I don’t think Cuomo will have Murtaugh back on his show again.