Watch: CNN’s Jake Tapper Use A Con Artist Trick To Save Dem Georgia Senate Candidate, ‘Just To Be Clear…

CNN’s Jake Tapper once again is using a con artist trick to try and save Democrat Georgia Senate Candidate Jon Ossoff.

The tactic is called “the convincer” which reveals a small piece of truth to allow the con or in this case Ossoff to dig himself out of a hole.

During an appearance on Fox News last week, Ossoff said, “[H]ere’s the bottom line, Kelly Loeffler has been campaigning with a klansman,” Ossoff told Fox News Wednesday. “Kelly Loeffler has been campaigning with a klansman,” he repeated, “and so she is stooping to these vicious personal attacks to distract from the fact that she’s been campaigning with a former member of the Ku Klux Klan.”

Ossoff was referring to a picture taken on December 11th that showed Loeffler posing with Chester Doles, a former KKK member. After the image went viral, Loeffler denounced the man and said they had no idea who he was and if they did Doles would have been removed.

That didn’t stop Ossoff from lying.

In an attempt to save Ossoff from his folly Tapper “fact-checked Ossoff.”

“You attacked Senator Loeffler,” Tapper said. “You said that ‘Kelly Loeffler has been campaigning with a klansman.’ That’s not true. It is true that a former member of the Klan took a photo with her at a campaign event. Her campaign says she didn’t know who he was at the time, and she has condemned him. I’m sure you’ve taken photos with thousands of strangers. Isn’t it important for candidates to tell the truth?”

“It is … and this isn’t an isolated incident,” Ossoff said. “Kelly Loeffler has repeatedly posed for photographs and been seen campaigning alongside white supremacists, and I believe they are drawn to her campaign because her campaign has consisted almost entirely of racist attacks on the Black Lives Matter movement and on the black church. The fact that these elements continue to be drawn to her, to support her, to campaign alongside her, to appear in photos next to her is deeply distressing.”

“Alright, we just need to be clear, she was not campaigning with a klansman,” Tapper said. “That wasn’t true, what you said.”

Notice Tapper let the whole, Loeffler has “campaigned with white supremacists” go, without pushing back and forcing Ossoff to provide evidence.

Tapper has a history of this and below is a fine example of him getting caught.

Washington Examiner