Watch: Crazed AOC Is Trying Organize A Work Boycott

Yes, folks, after workers have gone for almost over a month in some states without a paycheck Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, wants to organize a national work boycott. AOC made the comments during an interview with VICE News Anand Giridharadas.

“When we talk about this idea of ‘reopening society’ you know, only in America- does the President, when the President tweets about liberation, does he mean go back to work. When we have this discussion about going back or reopening, I think a lot people should just say “no”- we’re not going back to that. We’re not going back to working 70 hour weeks just so that we can put food on the table and not even feel any sort of semblance of security in our lives,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

That is really easy to say for someone who’s been paid during the entire shutdown.

Around 30 million people are estimated to be out of work right now, if some knucklehead decides to refuse to come to work to take part in a boycott there will be more than enough people to take their place.

Before the pandemic unemployment among minorities was the lowest it’s ever been in history and Americans as a whole want to get back to work, they want their lives back. Obama told us some jobs just won’t be coming back, America is in decline. Well, President Trump proved him wrong and Americans want to do the same with the Wuhan virus. The media and Democrats tell us things we’ll never be the same, we’ll never shake hands again. Americans aren’t going to stand for that, most Americans are hard-working people with fierce independence they are not going to stay home much longer. 

This isn’t the first crazed statement AOC has made during the pandemic that has caused a stir. Last week, during an appearance on “The View” she claimed that when it was discovered that minority communities were strongly affected by the coronavirus only then did warnings about smoking and drinking came out.

I think we should put AOC and her followers on an island and let them figure it out. We could even make it a TV show, “Socialist Survivor.” We’ll even let each person on the island use their own personalized gender pronouns. Meanwhile, the rest of us can go on about our daily lives getting this country back on track.

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