Watch: Creepy Joe Goes In for The Sniff But One Little Girl Stands Her Ground

One little girl wasn’t in the mood to deal with creepy Joe and had no wished to be sniffed.

The interaction occurred during the National Thanksgiving Turkey Pardoning event a the White House. In the video below, you’ll watch a little want nothing to do with Joe Biden. The president approaches the girl and as he touches her she pulls back. Biden continues to try and touch her face but then the girl throws up her fist causing him to back off.

The way the Democrats have been acting I’m sure Biden will have Attorney General Merrick Garland launch an inquiry on why the little girl wouldn’t let him get a sniff.

The other question is where is Jill? Usually the First Lady rescues Joe from himself.

Just last month, during an event at the White House Jill had to rescue Joe after he started saying random things in a microphone on the White House lawn.

While trumpets were playing “God Bless America” Joe hops on the microphone and says, “I’ll tell you what, I would like to learn it.” No one seemed to have any idea what Biden was referring to. Jill then comes out of the crowd and says “look at me.” Joe seems to acknowledge her, mumbles something, and then wanders away.

It doesn’t seem like anyone at the White House is trying to curb his bizarre behavior.