Watch: Dem Congressman That Celebrated Mass Protests Attacks Christmas Eve Services, ‘They Are Leading To The Death Of…

Democrats have no problem with mass BLM protests or Antifa burning down cities however, if you go to church you are enemy number one.

During an appearance on “MSNBC Live,” Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) attacked Christians that celebrated one the Christmas season. Claiming with no evidence, that “Christians are leading to the death of other people.”

Doggett said, “I live on a street that has two churches, two or three more are within shouting distance of my house here in east Austin. They are all closed. I thought last night — or tonight, as they have normally Christmas Eve services, they’ve shown that good judgment. Our problem in Texas, frankly, is that we have, unfortunately, a Governor in Greg Abbott who, all along, has been more interested in pleasing President Trump than in protecting the health of Texans. And as a result of that, we have about 26,000 Texans that are not alive today. We will have more of those individuals die. I applaud those who want to share, as I do, their faith here at the Christmas time, but they are leading to the death of other people, both inside and outside their congregations.”

Doggett was commenting on a video posted by Texas Governor Greg Abott celebrated those worshiping God.

Doggett supported mass Black Lives Matter protests but is claiming Christians attending church are killing people.

The media ignored the data but most agree the spike in cases over the summer was caused by the mass protests. However, there has been no data to suggest that churches are causing a spike in cases.

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