Watch: Democrats Cringe After Biden Mutters 6 Words That Are Going To Haunt Them In Three Months

Joe thinks he has problems now but in three months things are going to be even worse.

Biden uttered six words that are going to haunt him come September.

The Democrats are already struggling to explain inflation, just watch Pelosi in the video below squirm when she’s asked about inflation.


As the second quarter comes to a close it was reported that the USA’s GPD shrank 1.4% and if that happens in the third quarter the United States is in a recession. When asked about the threat of a recession Biden said, “I’m not concerned about a recession.”

The third quarter ends on September 30 a little over a month before the midterm election, those six words are going to haunt him.

This is the same guy who said inflation is “transitory.”

If you look at the rise of inflation America has arguably been in a recession since 2021. It’s only now the numbers are catching up to the damage done by the Biden administration.

But, Joe thinks all of this is a good thing.

Even Democrat voters are floored. In the clip below, a CNN host cites a Politico report describing how even Democrat voters are frustrated with Joe Biden.

On the same day, Biden had one of the worst cognitive breakdowns yet…

He’s falling apart…