Watch: DeSantis Showing the World What a Lightweight Gov. Newsom Really Is

Gov. Gavin Newsom of California is showing the world just how much of a political lightweight he really is. His attempt at a tough guy takedown of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is becoming more and more laughable, as DeSantis makes mincemeat of Newsom’s arguments.
Newsom visited the White House, but Biden wasn’t even there. He used the platform in D.C. to slam DeSantis by calling him a bully. And he eventually shouted for the Florida governor to “stop!”
That should do it…
Newsom seems to be creating a lot of chaos in hopes of somehow taking the Democratic spotlight away from Kamala in the 2024 presidential election.
Good luck with that.
DeSantis seems to be holding all the substantial cards.
“This is a guy that locked people down, that kept kids out of school, denied people the right to earn a living, wanted to force COVID vaxes on people – what did I do? I stood in the way of all that,” he said. “We made sure that people had the choice about whether they wanted to take this vax or not.”
DeSantis also had a pretty legit response to Newsom’s lightweight criticism regarding pressuring the Special Olympics to drop the vaccine mandate.
“These athletes – they have down syndrome, disabilities, and they wanted to compete in the Special Olympics in Orlando. Well, there’s an international bureaucracy affiliated with the group that imposed vax discrimination on these athletes,” he said. “The athletes I met, their doctors told them not to do it based on their condition.”
DeSantis could have let Newsom just continue to flip flop around in his muddled words and dig his own grave, but the Florida governor decided to put the gloves on. This is probably going to be in his best interests. The GOP loves a heavyweight fighter.
Cue the Rocky theme…