Watch: Disgusting Biden Voters Admit They’ll Do Anything To Help Biden Including Assault Their Own Mother

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real thing and these Biden supporters will do ANYTHING to stop Trump from winning.

In the video below you’ll just how much people on the left hate President Trump but, the mind-blowing portion is the second half of the video.

One Biden supporters said that they would assault their own mother to stop the President from being re-elected.

The media and Liberals are already ramping up the disinformation, they are going to try and drag out the election until January 6th. This is how they are going to suppress the Trump campaign on election day.

Facebook has already started throttling conservative pages, Tim Elliott from Grabien News shares a graphing showing his stats fall like a hot rock.

The tech gods at Twitter have only deemed 7 outlets that are allowed to call election results.

Oh and Brian Stelter from CNN wants you to know that you are being misled, Trump can’t win.

These people are out of control.