Watch Dr. Jill Biden Physically Pull Joe Away from Press

How many people does it take to protect President Joe Biden from himself when there are reporters around? That’s a good question, the answer has to be we don’t have enough as of yet.
The time when Biden is on his own in front of reporters must be at the top of the priority list for the team surrounding the president. So far, there can be weeks on end where Biden is simply a no-show with the press. This is even though when he ran for the presidency, he promised that his administration would be one of the most transparent in American history.
We just are not seeing that transparency as the president has literally gone months without a formal press conference. And when events are held that include the press, there is staff around the president that severely limit access to the man.
The Washington Times reported that “Nearly 70 journalists have urged White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to drop the secretive pre-screening process the administration has been using to limit reporter access to large events with President Biden.”
The report went even further, “White House aides have restricted event access to only reporters who have been ‘pre-credentialed’ for events with Mr. Biden. When reporters have pressed for reasons on why they were not approved for an event with the president, they’ve heard varied explanations ranging from COVID-19 restrictions to limited space in the room where the event was held.”
Just this weekend, the president moved toward the press to speak with reporters before he was to board Air Force One. But it wasn’t long before a possibly irritated First Lady rushed over that she tried to remove him from the conversation.


This is not just a one-off, she has done this on several occasions. And it’s not just the First Lady, other family members like Biden’s daughter and granddaughter have tried to pull him away from the press.


The concern over what he may say seems palpable.
On one occasion, even the Easter Bunny had to step in to divert Biden away from reporters.


This is serious!