Watch: During Address Biden Says, ‘Who’s President? Fauci!’ Then Things Really Went Off The Rails

Well, Biden finally admitting something that we were already thinking, Fauci is the president and Biden does whatever he says.

During Biden’s address on imposing COVID regulations for the winter he said, “Who’s President? Fauci!”

The rambling returned as well, if anyone can decipher this please put it in the comments section.

The video below is kinda gross you may not want to listen.

Biden also announced that the vaccine church is coming for toddlers.

Biden did hint that Fauci and company don’t seem to believe that the Omicron variant is going to be a serious issue.

“We don’t yet believe additional measures will be needed,” Biden said.

In the clip below the Biden administration seems to elude that COVID is seasonal which means the attack on Florida during the summer was political.

So when cases rise in highly vaccinated blue states COVID is seasonal but when cases rise in red states they are the root of the pandemic.