Watch: Even Mad Maxine Waters See’s The Writing On The Wall With Biden

Even Rep. Mad Maxine Waters can see the writing on the wall if former Vice President Joe Biden is the Democrat Presidential nominee.

When she was asked by Just the News senior correspondent Nicholas Ballasy if Biden, 77, has what it takes to beat President Trump, she punted and said, ““I don’t know, but we’ll see.”

Waters told Ballasy that she has not publicly announced support for either candidate, she says that it is “paramount” that the Democrat nominee is able to beat President Trump. “It’s not about who you like,” she explained. “It’s about now watching and understanding who can beat Trump.”

When she was asked about Biden’s mental fitness Maxine covered for Biden who has been a train wreck on the campaign trail.

“Nobody has made more gaffes and told more lies than the president of the United States of America,” she quipped about President Trump. “How dare he talk about somebody’s gaffes?”

President Trump has continued to point out that Biden may not be fit for office.

“Sleepy Joe doesn’t know where he is, or what he’s doing,” the president wrote on Twitter March 3rd. “Honestly, I don’t think he even knows what office he’s running for!” Biden has indeed mistaken the state he has campaigned in on multiple occasions.

The President also hammered Biden when Biden accidentally called Super Tuesday, Super Thursday.

“Tomorrow, voters in states across the nation for Super Tuesday — not Super Thursday. Oh, he said Super Thursday! You can’t do these things. Can you imagine if I said Super Thursday? I would be over, right? I would be over,” the president said.

Earlier this week Biden lost it on an autoworker and told him he was a horse ass after he confronted him over gun confiscation. That autoworker who lives in Michigan is a voter Biden needs if he hopes to win in November. That debacle in Michigan is going to haunt him the rest of the campaign and elite politician talking down to an average American. 

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