Watch: Fauci Stutters When Cornered. Shows That CDC Guidelines Are Political Theater, ‘I Cannot Reasonably Argue Against Your…

Dr. Fauci was backpedaling after he was trotted out by the Biden Administration to try and curb the backlash over their summer camp guidelines.

The guidelines actually contradict the CDC regular guidelines on outdoor masking requiring children wear masks even when socially distant outside.

Coronavirus expert and pediatric immunologist at Columbia University Mark Gorelik said, “We know that the risk of outdoor infection is very low. We know risks of children becoming seriously ill or even ill at all is vanishingly small. And most of the vulnerable population is already vaccinated. I am supportive of effective measures to restrain the spread of illness. However, the CDC’s recommendations cross the line into excess and are, frankly, senseless. Children cannot be running around outside in 90-degree weather wearing a mask. Period.”

“We have to try as best we can to give children their lives back. Irrational recommendations will do no good, could in this case do harm, and really discredit federal agencies,” he added.

Biden sent out Fauci to try and calm the backlash and it didn’t work.

When challenged over the guidelines during a segment on the Today Show Fauci said, “You have a good point. I cannot reasonably argue against your point, they are conservative guidelines. The CDC will look at them, reevaluate them, because the feedback we’re getting is exactly what you’re saying.”

In other words, whoops we went too far so we are going to change them to keep people happy. This shows that Biden is politicizing the CDC  and not relying on “science” to create their guidelines.

In many communities schools have been fully reopened and there have been no reported major outbreaks.

It has been well documented that children are at very low risks from getting seriously ill when contracting the coronavirus. During the 2017-2018 season the CDC reported about 600 kids died from the flu, in 2009 H1N1 claimed 358 pediatric deaths. Since the end of April 2020, 277 children have died from COVID-19.

Additionally, studies have found that outdoor transmission accounts for under 10% off ALL cases and out of 230,000 cases just 0.1 percent derived outdoors.

If the CDC was using “science” their guidelines would have made more sense and the administration wouldn’t have sent Fauci out.

New York Magazine