Watch: Former Attorney General Bill Barr Clearly Doesn’t Think Trump Should Run in 2024…You Should See Why

Former Attorney General Bill Barr just did a CBS interview with Catherine Herridge on the January 6 investigation. At the end of the interview, Barr said something that deserves notice. 

The setup from Herridge was, “What is the future of the Republican Party?”

“I think the future is bright. I see 2024 like setting up another 1980 where Reagan won two terms, and then Bush won a third term. And that’s what I think you need to really Make America Great Again. Decisive victory in reaction to the excesses of the progressive Democrats. And I think we could do that again a really achieve decisive victory with the right candidate. But I don’t think Trump is that candidate.”

Barr went further and said that the day that Trump is reelection, he would be a 78-year-old lame duck who is focused on revenge.

Wow…that is a lot to consider.

The Republican Party has certainly not faced a weaker candidate than Joe Biden since the 80s. If it is not Joe, the present possibilities seem to be just as weak. Could Gavin Newsom really inspire a majority of voters? Could Kamala or Buttigieg?

2024 is the GOP’s to lose. 

No one doubts that Donald Trump is the frontrunner right now, but Barr is clearly saying that is not in the best interest of the party long term. Is Barr right about the focus being on revenge? The Trump team has pretty much said that. They talk about the post-election purge of the Department of Justice, the FBI, and the Intelligence Community. 

Here’s a big question, can Trump be trusted to get revenge without ruining the GOP chances in 2028?

Maybe we should be thinking for the long term. But if Trump wants to run, can anyone really stop him? Barr raising an interesting position and it is one that deserves some wrestling.