Watch: Fox News Host Just Can’t Help Itself, Continues To Trash Trump & His Supporters

Fox News Channel host Eric Shawn on Sunday attacked President Trump claiming he is unable to “wrap his brain around the fact” he lost the 2020 election.

Shawn played a clip of President Trump’s interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo that occurred earlier in the day. During the interview, President Trump said the election results were a “total fraud.”

Shawn said, “That is, of course, President Trump claiming massive voter fraud this morning. His words, ‘they stuffed the ballot box. It was, quote a ‘fake election.’ All this despite the fact that his campaign has failed to prove any of this in court. In fact, your government, election officials, experts, and others — many of the Republican — including Trump-appointed officials say that the president’s claims are false and unsubstantiated.”

He continued, “The president pronouncements have caused the president’s supporters to doubt the veracity of the election.”

He added, “Critics say his claims are unsupported, reckless and incendiary.”

In a clip, Trump said, “You just take a look at just about every state that we’re talking about, every swing state that we’re talking about, and they did these massive dumps of votes and all of a sudden I went from winning by a lot to losing by a little.”

Shawn said, “Officials say these are not illegal dumps. It’s just the counting of the many mail-in ballots that are entered into the computer system.”

He concluded, “It seems that we have a president who, he can’t wrap his brain or mind around the fact, he can’t process that someone who he thinks is so inferior to him won the election.”

Fox News continues to commit suicide, the top conservative commentators in the country have stopped appearing on Fox News, they’ve stopped posting Fox News website articles, and the network (once a rating powerhouse) is losing in every time slot except during Tucker Carlson.

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