Watch: Fox’s Napolitano Goes Berserk, ‘This Is Absolutely Stalinistic! Why Is Bill Barr Not…’

Fox New’s Judge Andrew Napolitano is still trying to figure out what side he’s on. Somedays he thinks the President should be impeached, other days he’s in lockstep with the Administration. This week he was a little of both and went berserk.

Roger Stone’s attorneys have filed two requests against the controversial and corrupt Judge Amy Berman Jackson after it was discovered that the lead juror lied on her jury questionnaire trying to hid her political bias.

Late on Sunday, Judge Amy Berman Jackson shot down a motion to recuse herself, scheduled two hearings behind closed doors, and imposed a gag order.

Jackson is allowing the defense a half hour before the hearing to publicly argue the private hearings should be made public.

Judge Napolitano lost it:

This is absolutely Stalinistic! She has gagged Stone. It is one thing to gag the defendant during a trial. You don’t want them out there talking to the press and it’s a way of communicating with the jury. There is no jury. There is no trial. He’s been convicted. He’s been sentenced. The gag serves no legitimate governmental purpose. And yet she’s enforcing it on him and his lawyers. Question: why is the Bill Barr Department of Justice not opposing this secrecy and not opposing this gag rule?

Stuart Varney: Do you think the judge might have a political bias?

Judge Napolitano: Yes.

In her statement refusing to step down Jackson wrote:

“At bottom, given the absence of any factual or legal support for the motion for disqualification, the pleading appears to be nothing more than an attempt to use the Court’s docket to disseminate a statement for public consumption that has the words ‘judge’ and ‘biased’ in it. Judges cannot be ‘biased’ and need not be disqualified if the views they express are based on what they learned while doing the job they were appointed to do. The defendant has not suggested that the Court said one word about him outside of the courtroom, or to anyone other than the parties, at any time. Its characterization of the jurors’ service was voiced on the record, and it was entirely and fairly based on the Court’s observations of the jurors in the courthouse; through the nine days of voir dire and trial, when they were uniformly punctual and attentive, and through their thoughtful communications with the Court during deliberation … and the delivery of the verdict.”

One of the many problems with this case is that the judge is wrong, we know the jury was not unbiased. Tomeka Hart, the lead juror, said Trump supporters were racists, and commented on social media about Trump, Russia, and Stone many times before the trial.

What this judge is doing is absolutely wrong and she should be removed from the case. 


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