Watch: Gov Whitmer Defends Travel & Says, She Can’t Stand ‘People That Have One Rule For Others, Different One For Themselves’

Shortly before Christmas Governor Gretechen Whitmer (D-Mich) demanded that families not travel to see their family members during Christmas. 

On December 1, 2020 Michigan Live reported that during a press conference Gov. Whitmer told Michiganders not to travel for Christmas. 

“We all know the next two months are going to be hard. Too many people traveled for Thanksgiving. And we will see our numbers increase, very likely, because of it. And that will coincide with the next big holiday, Christmas. Too many people are considering traveling and I’m reiterating: please don’t,” Whitmer said.

Just a few weeks later, Whitmer traveled to Washington DC with her daughters to celebrate his inauguration. Constituents are furious that she traveled with her family members after demanding that they had to remain alone during the holidays. 

During an interview with a local NBC Michigan affiliate Whitmer tried to defend herself. Anchor, Rick Albin told Whitmer the news channels Facebook page was flooded with comments over the hypocrisy of Whitmer traveling with family to DC yet, telling families to avoid seeing family members during Christmas. 

“Anyone who would have watched would have seen that we were spaced out, we were outside, and we were masked up,” Whitmer said.

“So that is how we can live and enjoy some important aspects to life and stay safe. I have been following the same directives I have asked everyone else to. I can’t stand those people that have one rule for others and a different one for themselves,” she said.

“I have abided by these precautions but also recognize as the governor of a state — an important state — that played an important role in this inauguration having been invited and having made a decision very close to one when I had to come out here I know that this is a moment that is really important for our state,” Whitmer added. 

It was Governor Whitmer’s husband who was caught trying to use the influence of his wife’s position to get a boat dock installed at their lake house after she lifted the Statewide lockdown in May 2020. 

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