Watch: Here’s to the Good Old Guys with Guns

Let’s hear it for the good guys with the gun. Elijah Dickens is 22 years old. He carried a concealed weapon into the Greenwood Mall, he didn’t know the mall had a rule about carrying concealed weapons. 

The bad guy didn’t care about the rule and carried a concealed shotgun into the same mall. He took out the long rifle once inside and started shooting. Dickens took out his gun and shot and killed the shooter.

This past June, Joe Teague was frustrated at the constant burglaries in his neighborhood. Bad guys kicked down his door and Teague brandished his weapon and tried to put them under “citizens arrest.” When they didn’t comply, one got shot for not listening. 

Teague was 93 years old.

In May of 2022, a woman in West Virginia with a concealed weapon killed a bad guy before he had the chance to murder a mass of people.

In 2019, some leaders at the West Freeway Church of Christ confronted a killed a man intent on mass murder with the church walls. 

The only story above focused on by the mainstream media was the story of the Greenwood Mall. They decided to point out that good guy Dickens was breaking the law by carrying a gun into the mall.

These stories remind me of the county in Georgia that years ago made it illegal for anyone in the county not to own a gun. They knew not everyone would obey that law, but they wanted bad guys to think twice before breaking the law in their county. 

On Sunday of this week in Norco, California, a good guy with a gun defended himself from four bad guy thieves, at least one of them had a gun. 

When the robber with the gun is shot by the good guy, you can hear him yelling in the clip below that his arm has been “shot off.”The rest of the bad buys panicked and they all were eventually arrested at a hospital. 

Here’s to the good guys with guns!